Selling items by weight via GiftLogic 2017 is no problem with Brecknell Bench Scale integration

GiftLogic point of sale software has integrated with various scales for several years, allowing merchants who sell weight-based items to easily ring them on an integrated scale. With GiftLogic 2017, this support is taken even further with the Brecknell Bench Scale integration. This scale integration nearly doubles the weight limit from 16 pounds to 30 pounds.

According to a representative from GiftLogic, "We're seeing all kinds of applications for scale integration. For example, coffee, deli meats, and produce are commonly sold by weight. However, many jewelry stores are now selling items by weight."

GiftLogic point of sale software is an affordable, comprehensive cash register and inventory management platform. Optional modules such as integrated credit card processing, gift registry, consignment, fingerprint integration, and QuickBooks integration are also available.

By integrating GiftLogic with the Brecknell 6700U, items can be designated as being sold by weight, immediately alerting the cashier to weigh the item at checkout. From there, the software calculates the cost based on the item's actual weight and the pricing parameters previously entered (such as cost per pound or ounce) and then populates the transaction accordingly.

Scale integration speeds transactions while also helping to reduce data entry errors. The cashier simply scans the item, places on the scale, and moves to the next item.

"From a functionality standpoint in GiftLogic, Brecknell Bench Scales work just like any other scale a merchant may have been using. This makes for a seamless transition for those who are switching scales," the representative explained. "Meanwhile, for new users, setup and usage are both easy."

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